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Monday, February 9, 2009

Step by Step Assembly Guide for CB0703 (PICkit 2)

Author: Chaonan Chen, Au Group Electronics
(Discussion on DIY of CB0703 is now available at our forum)

1. What you need:
a. Bare printed circuit board (Part# CB0703)
b. Schematic Drawing and Reference PCB assembly drawing of CB0703 (Both are free to download from )
c. All electronic components (all components are list in the schematic drawing, and are available from )
d. Soldering toolsets, solder paste or liquid flux, multi-meter, oscilloscope, etc
e. PC software: “Microchip MPLAB V7.62 or above” and “PICkit 2 Setup v2.40a or above” (both are available free from Microchip web site)
f. Programming toolset: a functioning PICKit2 or ICD2, etc. (only required If the PIC18F2550 is not pre-programmed,)

2. Assemble components step by step:
a. Solder all components to the CB0703 PCB board.
Basic sequence for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hand-soldering:
· From the center of the board to the edge
· From one side to the other side
· From SMD-components to through-hole-components
· From small components to big components

There are two assembly-drawings attached, one can be used for part number reference, the other one can be used for pin numbers reference.

The following pictures illustrate a particular assemble sequence step by step. (Other sequences are possible)

b. Clean all flux residual from the board.
c. Dry the whole assembled board after clean.
d. Visual inspect and verify circuit connectivity (using multi-meter), make sure no short-circuit or open-circuit. Fix all issue if found.
e. Program PIC18F2550 on-board by using ICD2 or another PICkit2 as following:
i. Power up the board by USB or dedicated power source if the enhanced power supply circuit is installed.
ii. The Hex of “PK2V021000.hex” or a hex-file in similar name should be found under folder “C:\Program Files\Microchip\PICkit 2 v2”. Import this hex file to MPLAB or any other programming tools you are using.
iii. Program the PIC18F2550 Chipset by ICD2 or any other functioning PICkit2.

A 5-position program-pad is designed on CB0703 for ICSP connection (In Circuit Serial Programming) from ICD2, PICKit 2 or any other ICSP programmers.
1. If a pre-programmed PIC18F2550 chipset is used, it is not required to program the PIC18F2550 again.
2. If there is no *.hex file found, send an email to Au Group Electronics to request.
3. If there is no ICD2 or any other ICSP tool available, you need purchased at least one pre-programmed PIC18F2550 chipset (part#: PPIC18F2550) from Au Group Electronics (
After the last step, the whole board should start functioning.
For any technical question, please contact:

3. Attachments:
CB0703 (PICkit 2) assembly drawing showing part numbers and pin numbers


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  2. The label for DIY enclosure is now available.,7.msg249.html#msg249

  3. PICKit2 is now capable of programming AVR MCU.


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