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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BB0703/BB0703+ (PICkit 2) User Manual (Rev. D)

Author: Huihui Duan, Chaonan Chen, Au Group Electronics

Thanks for choosing Au Group Electronics BB0703 (PICkit 2) products, there are 3 major editions (BB0703, BB0703+128K, BB0703+256K) for different customer needs.

Major Features:
• Dimension: 3" L x 1.72"W x 0.81"H (77x43.5x 20.5 mm)
• Color: PC white or Black
• 1 Push Button: PROGRAM
• USB power supply: 5V 100 mA
• 3 connector:
o USB Connector: Type B or Mini-B
o ICSP interface: RJ12 6Pin 6P6C
o Power supply for PTG: 9V 100 mA, 2.1mm positive center
• USB buck/boost circuit included on "+" editions, no worry on USB voltage variation anymore
• Program-to-Go (PTG) feature: standard 128K byte EEPROM size, and 256K byte version available
• Three products available for different features: BB0703, BB0703+128K, BB0703+256K
• RJ12 reverse cable is included, compatible with any board developed for ICD2, ICD3, RealICE

• There are 3 LEDs (BUSY, TARGET, and POWER from left to right, it could be SMD or through hole type LEDs) and 1 push button (PROGRAM) on the top of BB0703 (PICkit 2), as shown in figure 1.
• The "PROGRAM" push button is designed with error proven feature, it is embedded inside the enclosure, and can be pressed with a pinpoint tool for programming and PTG.
• There are 3 connectors assembled on BB0703 (PICkit 2): a power jacket, an RJ12 6-pin ICSP socket, and a USB connector (type B or Mini-B).
• Only the USB connector and the ICSP interface are necessary to make the PICkit 2 function well.
• The positive center ( ) power jacket is an enhanced feature (optional). It provides 100 mA power supply from external power source for PTG feature. (A compatible wall mount power supply is available at Au Group Electronics, part#: PWR-912V-CP)
• The RJ12 6-pin ICSP socket provides ICSP interface as shown in figure 2, pin 1 is close to the power jacket. The function of each pin is defined as below
1. Pin 1 – Vpp
2. Pin 2 – Vdd
3. Pin 3– Ground
4. Pin 4– ICSPDAT (RB7)
5. Pin 5– ICSPCLK (RB6)
6. Pin 6 – AUX

• One RJ12 6-pin reverse cable is provided for free! (Au Group Electronics part#: CBL-RJ12-RVS, available at The configuration of the reverse cable is shown in figure 3.

1. BB0703 (PICkit 2) and a RJ12 6-pin reverse cable can be used directly with target board/programmer developed for ICD2, ICD3, RealICE.
2. Because of the way PICkit2 pinout is defined, and the fact that signals are reversed by the "RJ12 6-pin standard cable" (shown in figure 4.), if used, the signal output of the RJ12 6-pin standard cable from BB0703 (PICkit 2) is not compatible with ICD2 and its cables.
3. User must change the connection accordingly to target board if switching development tools between an ICD2 and a BB0703 (PICkit 2).

Step by Step operation:
1. Install Microchip "MPLAB" and "PICkit 2 Programmer" if not installed before.
2. Using USB cable to connect the PICkit 2 with computer.
3. Connect the ICSP socket with target board
4. Load application software such as "MPLAB" or "PICkit 2 Programmer", it is ready for programming or debugging

INI File Setting change for BB0703+256K (256K byte Program-to-Go only):
1. Open the INI file (C: Program File\Microchip\PICkit 2 V2\PICkit2.ini) in Notepad or any other text editor
2. Find the following line in the INI file: PTGM: 0
3. Edit the value to 1: PTGM: 1
4. Save and close the INI file

Limited Life Time Warranty:
AU Group Electronics provides limited life time warranty to this product under normal use, in accordance with the specification and warning, for as long as you own this product. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product, and is not transferable. To exercise your rights under this warranty, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of an original sales receipt/shipping memo that shows the product name and the date of purchase. Any non-authorized modification to hardware will violate this warranty. Shipping cost for any return material will be carried by purchaser.

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