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Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to place order online at Au Group Electronics?

Author: Chaonan Chen, Au Group Electronics
Thanks for choosing products from Au Group Electronics. Order online is fast, secure and convenient.
1. Click "Add to Cart" icon on any product from our website:
2. Click “Continue Shopping” icon, as shown in figure 1, a question window may display (figure 2), click "Yes" to get back to original webpage for selecting other products
3. Click "Proceed to Checkout" after finishing shopping (as shown in figure 3).
4. If summarized items display (figure 4), click the down arrow to view detail description on the ordered items, the down arrow will turn to up arrow (figure 5), click the up arrow, detail information will be hidden again.
5. Click “Continue” for payment option.
6. Two major payments are acceptable: PayPal or credit cards (figure 7)
• For PayPal user, use the form on the right side to log in, then follow step 7 to 8 for PayPal payment instruction.
• For payment with credit card, use the form on the left side, then follow step 9 for credit card payment instruction.
7. For payment with PayPal, enter the email address of your PayPal account and password in the window on the right side, then click “Log in” button, as shown in figure 8.
8. Review your order and payment information, if the information is correct, click "Pay Now" button to complete your order, as shown in figure 9
9. For payment with credit card, enter all necessary information, then click “Review Order and Continue” button, as shown in figure 10.
Note: make sure the billing address is entered correctly. Otherwise the payment may not be able to go through. It is the address for your credit card. It may not be the same as the shipping address
10. After inputting and reviewing all your payment information: Item purchased, payment method, shipping address, and contact information etc., click “Pay Now” button to confirm order.

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