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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Activate a magicJack with Canadian Phone Number

Author: Chaonan Chen, Huihui Duan, Au Group Electronics
We own a magicJack since May, 2008, and have been contacting with magicJack and asking them about when the Canadian phone number will be available for our customer. The answer was they were still working on this, and did not have an anticipate date yet.
Until recently, the great news come out, magicJack Canadian phone number is available now. Even though just a few provinces’ phone numbers are available to choose from, it is still good news to magicJack Canadian users.
We activated one magicJack with phone number in Windsor, Ontario area recently for our customer. And following is the step by step of the activation procedure.

1. Plug a magicJack to USB port of PC, a magicJack picture with a sentence “One minute of Patience For a lifetime of Savings” (Figure 1) will be showing on your PC
Figure 1
2. Wait until the magicJack interface displayed, notice that magicJack phone number is not assigned yet (000-000-0000), and click the “Click to Register” button located at the left bottom side (Figure 2).
Figure 2
3. Choose one of the options depends on where the magicJack was purchased. Here we I chose the 2nd option as it was purchased from Au Group Electronics, a magicJack authorized reseller, then click next (Figure 3).
Figure 3
4. Choose one of the options then click Next: You can create a new magicJack account no matter you already have a magicJack or not. Or you can add the new magicJack to your registered magicJack account.
The owner already have a magicJack and prefer to have all magicJack under one account/email, so chose the 2nd option, then input the owner's registered magicJack email and password to log in to the magicJack account to add the new magicJack, then click “Next”
Figure 4
5. Select 911 location, you can either create a new location (this new address can be set at any country, but only address in United States will be covered in 911 Emergency service ) or choose a location from the existing account
Figure 5
6. Fill the name, country, Zip code, State/Province, City, Street Number, Street Name, Street Type, and any additional detail like apartment #, as this information are required when placing a 911 call. The location can be changed in the future. After that, select which service are you using for television network and internet service. We chose Cable for both, then click Next (Figure 6)
Figure 6

7. Read and agree the Terms of Service by check the check box of “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”, then click Next (Figure 7).
Figure 7
8. Select “I want a Canadian Number for $10 a year”. Then choose a Province, Area code, and Prefix. Available phone # will be listed, select a number from the list, check “I elect to accept free outgoing service”, and then click “Reserve my Number” (Figure 8).
Figure 8
9. Verify or edit the Billing address by click “Edit address”(figure 9)
Figure 9
10. Enter the billing address and credit card information (for the $10 charge), then click save (figure 10)
Figure 10
11. Verify the total billing amount is right, then click the button “Complete my order and complete my registration” (Figure 9).


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  2. magicJack is great, low cost, high voice quality. Just love it.


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